What do you need to know about the germs/microbes in your office?

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The autumn and winter period is a time of increased illness and mass sick leave at work. Research shows that most infections occur through touch. Germs are lurking on various surfaces in your office, waiting for free transport and a host. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow hygiene rules and skillfully identify places where pathogenic microbes accumulate.

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What you need to know about germs
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Do you know how many germs live on your desk?

We spend most of our time at our workstation. Every day we reach for everyday objects without thinking about how many and what germs they may contain. Every day we use a keyboard, mouse, pens and calculator. Do we clean and disinfect these devices equally often? It turns out that 11% of employees never clean their keyboards! And it can accumulate up to 4,000 different bacteria. As it turns out, an even greater percentage never cleans their mouse! This is the habitat of nearly 2,000 different microbes. In turn, the phone will accumulate up to 25,000 bacteria and viruses on its surface. Copiers and printers fare slightly better in studies because they collect only a few hundred different pathogens. For comparison, a toilet seat or a flush tank contains only a few dozen pathogens. So the conclusion is simple – it’s cleaner in the toilet than on your desk!

How to remedy this? Germs in the office

The answer is simple – wash your hands more often and keep your workplace clean. It seems simple, but as you can see, it is not entirely easy to implement. However, with small steps you can control the microbes present in your office. First of all, you need to buy appropriate cleaning and disinfecting products. The next step is to make employees aware of the invisible danger. Then, introducing a few simple rules for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace, to which everyone should adapt. Only people’s awareness and professional cleaning and disinfecting preparations can break the chain of infections.

What to look for?

To deal with the invisible enemy, you must get to know him. Of course, this is not about studying molecular biology, but rather about conscious health protection through basic hygiene rules. Eating meals at the desk is absolutely unacceptable during office work. Infection most often occurs while eating meals. And as you already know, your desk is a habitat for various microbes. Moreover, many employees eat and work on the computer at the same time. This is an ideal way to transport germs from the keyboard or mouse directly to the human body. Therefore, there should be a separate place for eating meals, which should also be kept at a high level of hygiene.

Professional cleaning and disinfecting preparations

The first and basic hygiene product that cannot be missing in any office is antibacterial gel. It is worth equipping every workstation with it. This will allow you to quickly disinfect your hands without having to leave your desk. An excellent solution is Clinex DezoSept with a pleasant, coconut scent. The preparation has been enriched with caring substances, so it does not dry the skin and does not leave a sticky feeling. Available in ergonomic packaging with a dispenser for comfortable use. For the more economical, we recommend the 5 liter Clinex DezoSept Plus .

The countertop where meals are eaten or prepared should be regularly disinfected. Clinex Nano Protect Silver Table works well in this role. It is a universal cleaning and disinfecting preparation for countertops and kitchen appliances. Enriched with active nanoparticles, it effectively destroys various types of bacteria, fungi and spores. For comprehensive surface disinfection, it is worth using Clinex DEZOFast . It is a strong, aldehyde-free virucidal and bactericidal agent with a broad spectrum of action. It can be used on various surfaces (desks, doorknobs, computer mice, etc.).

Don’t forget about air conditioning in the office!

Regular airing of rooms is essential. However, in some offices we do not have the possibility of natural ventilation. That is why most office buildings are equipped with air conditioning, which increases the comfort of work both in summer and winter. Unfortunately, it is also a perfect breeding ground for germs. A humid environment is a perfect home for fungi, bacteria and viruses. Therefore, you cannot forget about regular cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioning in your office! Clinex Nano Protect Silver Nice is a preparation that will help you ensure the hygienic cleanliness of your air conditioning. Its active silver nanoparticles effectively eliminate fungi, bacteria and their spores. Eliminates unpleasant odors and guarantees hygienic cleanliness.

Germs in your office pose a real threat to the health of your employees. As a consequence, they generate losses in the form of mass sick leaves. From the point of view of the company’s finances or productivity, these are often high costs. Therefore, it is worth defending against them properly, and this can only be done by maintaining hygienic cleanliness.

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