Air fresheners and odor neutralizers

The scent affects the atmosphere in the room. Take care of it with Clinex air fresheners. Our preparations combine neutralizers and odor absorbers. They are completely safe for the environment.

Air fresheners

The first impression of cleanliness is given by the scent. Regardless of whether it is an office, restaurant or sports room. Our preparations are a combination of neutralizers and odor absorbers in various combinations. All of them are completely harmless to the environment, people and animals.

Professional air fresheners

The right scent in a room increases the comfort of people staying there. It has a particular impact on the assessment of the cleanliness of rooms. It also has a positive effect on a person’s well-being. We present professional air fresheners that are perfect for various rooms and, thanks to their pleasant scent, will create a pleasant atmosphere there.

Odor neutralizers and air fresheners

There are air fresheners and odor neutralizers available on the market. The former mask the unpleasant smell – they fill the room with a pleasant scent. Odor neutralizers are products that eliminate unpleasant odors, partially or completely. Their molecules combine with molecules that are the source of the unpleasant odor. In this way, new particles are created, free from unpleasant odors.

Neutralizers are professional cleaning products,that eliminate unpleasant odors and fill the room with freshness. Our offer includes, among others: ecological neutralizer Clinex Eco+ Protect Odor Killer – Spring . It is characterized by an environmentally friendly formula and a long-lasting freshness effect.

Refreshing and pleasant scent

Depending on the room and the purpose of the facility, we will look for sources of unpleasant odor in other areas. In gastronomy, these are primarily the mixing smells of cooked and fried foods. In the office, however, it may be carpet that has not been cleaned for a long time. Professional cleaning productsand regular cleaning help avoid unpleasant odors. Only in a well-cleaned room will air fresheners and odor neutralizers fulfill their function.

The formula of the air freshener and neutralizer is crucial for their effectiveness, but their scent is equally important. Such a preparation should be noticeable and must also correspond to the preferences of people staying in a specific room. The Clinex offer includes air fresheners with various scents. We recommend, among others: fresh breeze and oriental scent.


Smell affects your well-being, productivity and approach to life – that’s obvious. For this reason, we have created various lines of Clinex air fresheners that you can adjust to your preferences. So if you are looking for a scent that will refresh your interior, AeroBreeze series aerosols will be perfect.

Our offer includes: