10 disinfection areas in fitness clubs

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The coronavirus pandemic forced us to change our daily habits. The virus, which is an invisible enemy, has brought the world to a standstill. Pausing the functioning of humanity in public space is a time to breathe for our entire planet. It is also a time of reflection for all of us. Forced social isolation, closed shops, restaurants, swimming pools, hairdressing salons and fitness clubs - all to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus. However, the economy cannot stand still forever. Everything has to start soon. People need exercise, which is their natural ally in the fight against stress and all diseases. After such a long isolation, many of us are eager to go to the gym to lose excess weight and get back in shape. How to prepare for the reopening of fitness clubs?

How has the coronavirus changed our world?

The world today is not what it was before and will never be again. The coronavirus pandemic has already left a huge mark on all of us. It made us have to change not only our daily habits, but also our general approach to many things. The virus has paralyzed humanity. He stopped the whole world and gave it a completely new course. To be able to return to the new normal, we must categorically change our approach to many matters of everyday life.

Many industries are already feeling the effects of the pandemic in the form of a decline in turnover. In Poland, gyms and fitness clubs were closed, among others, because many people passed through them every day, which increased the risk of spreading the disease. When planning a gradual unfreezing of the economy, the Ministry imposes new sanitary obligations on the owners of such facilities. And although the opening of clubs and gyms will take place only in the fourth stage of easing restrictions, it is worth preparing for it today.

The impact of coronavirus on fitness clubs

Gyms and fitness clubs will certainly be crowded after the restrictions are lifted. After long weeks of sitting on the sofa with the remote control in hand and snacks, many of us will want to take care of our shape and lose quarantine kilos. However, in order for a visit to such a place to be safe for potential customers, club owners must remember to disinfect properly and frequently.

There is no reason to delude yourself that when the restrictions resulting from the situation in the country are loosened, people will forget about the virus and will normally use the benefits of fitness clubs. Many people may be afraid of visiting such a place. Therefore, owners will be responsible for ensuring sanitary safety in clubs. Undoubtedly, the degree of this security will directly translate into interest in the facility, and therefore also into profits.

Disinfection in fitness clubs – what do we need to remember?

If we want fitness club customers to be safe there, we must ensure professional disinfection of all elements and areas they come into contact with. It’s quite a challenge! Procuring professional disinfection liquids is essential today! It is worth mentioning here that not all preparations are able to neutralize the coronavirus. Therefore, it is good to use proven, tested and adapted for disinfection in such areas. They are merciless to microorganisms, but at the same time safe for the cleaned surfaces.

Such preparations include the aldehyde-free cleaning and disinfecting agent DezoFast by Clinex. Its spectrum of action is very broad. It can be used on all washable surfaces, including exercise equipment. Just spray the preparation on the surface to be cleaned and wipe it with a cloth after a while to get rid of unwanted microorganisms. DezoFast also works against coronaviruses, but unlike other preparations, it is not based on alcohol. This translates into greater safety of use. To be effective in the fight against coronavirus, alcohol-based preparations must contain alcohol in a concentration above 60%. Due to such a high concentration, the preparation evaporates quickly and leaves a noticeable, unpleasant smell of alcohol. Moreover, if used frequently on some surfaces, it may damage them. Therefore, in fitness clubs, where we disinfect, among others, delicate exercise equipment (treadmills, bikes, etc.), we must use preparations that are strong, but at the same time gentle on the surfaces being cleaned. DezoFast is therefore the perfect choice!

There are plenty of sensitive areas in gyms and fitness clubs. Starting from the locker room, through bathrooms, to the rooms and all the equipment and exercise tools. How to find your way in the new reality and take care of the health and safety of your clients?

Areas you need to disinfect in a health club

Let’s focus on the most important elements that require our attention when it comes to disinfection. First of all, equipping clubs with hand disinfectants is an absolute must. Each customer should thoroughly disinfect their hands after entering the club. This will reduce the risk of spreading germs that you may have brought on your hands. Nevertheless, this does not release us from responsibility and disinfection of all critical areas, which include:

The above areas should be disinfected as often as possible, preferably after each client. Using DezoFast for this purpose, it will be quick and safe. Just spray the cleaned surfaces with the ready-to-use agent and then wipe it with a cloth. In this way, we will spread the product into all nooks and crannies and neutralize the microorganisms on the surface.

Why is disinfecting these areas so important?

Unfortunately, maintaining proper cleanliness is a problem for many clubs in our country. A lot of research has already been carried out, which clearly shows that most of them only dry clean the instruments. This is a simple way for the multiplication of various microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi and viruses that are very dangerous to health. The world we currently live in will not allow us to maintain current sanitary practices. Appropriate cleanliness in fitness clubs will become a determinant. The current situation in the country will mean that only those clubs will survive that will approach the issue responsibly and ensure proper disinfection using professional disinfectants that guarantee 100% effectiveness.

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