Allergy sufferers on board – What does anti-allergic cleaning look like?

May 3, in addition to Constitution Day, is also World Allergy and Asthma Day. Chronic respiratory diseases are a civilization disease of our times. More than a billion people around the world struggle with it. Visits of sick people in our hotels are now the norm. In Europe alone, the number of people suffering from various types of allergies is estimated at over 130 million, and those suffering from asthma - at 30 million. In Poland, there are as many as 12 million people suffering from allergies*. What can we do to make their stay comfortable? How to perform anti-allergic cleaning?

Anti-allergic cleaning – what is worth knowing?

In every restaurant, the menu card must necessarily include a list of allergens that are ingredients of a given dish. In the SPA zone, before the treatment and massage, an interview is conducted in which questions about allergies or sensitivities are asked. Everyone takes this issue very seriously. The consequences can be serious and no one wants their guests to be harmed while using the services offered. Therefore, you cannot skip the overnight stay in hotel rooms. What actions should we take to ensure maximum safety for allergy sufferers and how to perform anti-allergic cleaning? The greatest burden of responsibility rests with the employees of the housekeeping department.

First of all, it is important to use professional cleaning agents dedicated to the HoReCa industry to clean the room. Companies such as Clinex offer special preparations with composition and formula dedicated to allergy sufferers. It is extremely important to choose cleaning products wisely and check whether they contain allergens or other irritating substances.

Cleaning products and anti-allergic cleaning

Washable floors and surfaces

Then, you should start cleaning in a thoughtful way. To avoid dust particles rising, we always wipe it wet, starting from the upper elements of the room’s equipment. It is important to use preparations with appropriate properties. Our ally in cleaning floors and other washable surfaces will be the low-foaming Clinex M6 liquid, which leaves a pleasant scent, or preparations from the Clinex Floral series – universal floor cleaning agents in several pleasant scents to choose from. Remember to use vacuum cleaners with special anti-allergic filters to vacuum carpets and rugs.


For cleaning furniture, the ecological Clinex Delos Shine with avocado oil, which does not contain harmful substances, is therefore very safe for the environment, or the odorless Clinex MaxDirt concentrate, which, after dilution, can be successfully used even in places where contact with food.

Bathroom, windows, mirrors

We can use the equally harmless Clinex Glass to clean windows. In the bathroom, you can safely use Clinex W3 Active Bio , which, thanks to its composition based on citric acid, effectively removes typical dirt and leaves a pleasant, fresh scent.

Allergy-friendly air freshener

The icing on the cake after cleaning the room is to use an air freshener. Clinex Air Plus with its anti-allergic composition and a fresh breeze or oriental scent will be perfect here. If the issue of ecology is also important, it is worth taking a look at the Clinex Eko+ Protect Odor Killer odor neutralizer. This neutralizer based on biosurfactants is very effective and safe for the user and all surfaces.

As you can see, properly cleaning a room for people with allergies is quite simple. All you need to do is prepare an appropriate action plan and complete it with the use of appropriate, professional means. Thanks to this, we can be happy that we managed to contribute to the comfortable stay of our guests.

* Data from the National Health Fund website

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