Managing the consumption of cleaning products in the HoReCa industry – how to do it easily but also effectively?

Consumption calculator – measuring with precision

One of the key tools that Clinex provides to the HoReCa industry is the consumption calculator . This modern method allows restaurateurs to estimate the exact amounts of cleaning products needed to clean their premises. By analyzing specific data, such as the type of surface, dirt or equipment, the calculator allows you to determine optimal doses of products, minimizing the use of excessive amounts, thereby reducing costs.

The consumption calculator is not only a savings tool, but also focuses on sustainability. Thanks to precise calculations, you can avoid wasting resources and unnecessary waste production. This is an example of how technology can be used in the catering industry to minimize its negative impact on the natural environment.

Performance calculator

Clinex concentrates – power hidden in bottles

In the context of consumption management, Clinex professional concentrates cannot be ignored . This is a solution that goes beyond standard products and uses concentrated formulas that must be mixed with water before use. Concentrates offer many benefits – from saving transportation and storage costs to minimizing the negative impact on the environment thanks to less packaging.

An example is the Clinex Profit line. These are super concentrated agents for cleaning glass surfaces, sanitary facilities, floors and other washable surfaces. Concentrates are an investment in efficiency and ecology, but also help HoReCa entrepreneurs introduce savings in their business.

Effective management – ​​the future of the HoReCa industry

Managing the consumption of cleaning products in the HoReCa industry is an important element of everyday operations. Thanks to tools such as the consumption calculator and concentrates, restaurateurs can operate efficiently, minimizing waste and reducing costs. By introducing these solutions, Clinex shows the way to a future in which excellent hygiene, economy and care for the environment can go hand in hand.

Supported by the consumption calculator and concentrates, the HoReCa industry can achieve new levels of efficiency and sustainability. As a result, it will contribute to raising hygiene standards and quality of services in restaurants, hotels and catering companies.

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