Traces left by shoe care products on carpets – how and with what to clean them

Getting ready to go out in a hurry can cause many unwanted mishaps. Most often, the floor gets stained due to absent-mindedness and lack of time when caring for shoes. As long as it is a waterproof and easily washable surface, there is nothing to worry about. It's worse when we stain the carpet. Shoe preparations contain fats and dyes that stain such materials very easily and are difficult to remove. So getting the carpet dirty is very dangerous, and stains can even damage it. When such an accident occurs, you do not need to write off the carpet, but use a professional remedy that will deal with it.

What to do when the carpet gets stained?

If your carpets get dirty with shoe care products, you should follow a few steps that will help in this situation and allow you to quickly get rid of the dirt:

What determines the effectiveness of stain removal?

People who have had an experience with a stained carpet in their life already know what to do in such situations. It is best to use the professional Clinex Anti-Spot stain remover. It comes in a convenient aerosol packaging, which allows for precise application. This is a product used by professionals, e.g. from the hotel industry. It will effectively deal with stains on textile coverings made of natural and artificial hair, upholstery and carpets. It is perfect for local removal of water-insoluble dirt.

The stain removal procedure using Clinex Anti-Spot is very simple. However, you must react quickly before the shoe care product absorbs into the carpet structure and dries. A quick application of the stain remover will bring satisfactory results without any major damage to the carpet. Using a stain remover will isolate the dirt from the carpet fabric and prevent it from being absorbed. Moreover, the treated liquid shoe care agent can be removed with standard carpet cleaning agents.

Depending on the surface of the stain, it may be necessary to remove the stain without the help of third parties. However, it may be necessary to use dry cleaning services to restore the carpet to its full usefulness and restore its original appearance.

Are stains permanently removed with a professional detergent?

Yes, the Clinex product presented above is perfect for cleaning even dirt that no other cleaning agent can cope with. As a professional stain remover, it contains strong substances. It targets dirt that is insoluble in water. It is inherent in cases where natural or even artificial pile carpets are stained. Therefore, it is a product often used in laundries and by professional cleaning companies.

In addition, it also works very well when upholstered furniture gets stained. After staining, if necessary, the carpet should be additionally cleaned with dedicated detergents or washed, which will restore its perfect, natural appearance.

Preventing stains on carpets

An old and wise proverb says that prevention is better than cure. To avoid such situations, shoe care should be carried out under specific conditions. The most important thing is to allocate a room for this purpose and an appropriate amount of time. There are no worse conditions than rushing. When you work in a hurry, you can turn such simple tasks as cleaning and shining your shoes into a difficult battle for the “life” of the carpet. What is supposed to take a few minutes can turn into a nerve-wracking process that often takes hours if we don’t have a good stain remover at hand. It is best to care for your shoes in the evening after the end of the day. However, it is worth investing in a professional stain remover, because you never know when it may be useful.

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