Clinex DEZOMed

KTM: 77-032

Clinex DEZOMed

Disinfecting and cleaning preparation for surfaces
Main properties:
  • Alcohol-free disinfection
  • Economical form of concentrate
  • Disinfection by immersion
  • Broad spectrum of action
  • Low foaming formula
  • Universal
  • Safety and guarantee of effectiveness
Hand washing Hand washing
Kills viruses, bacteria and fungi Kills viruses, bacteria and fungi
Disinfection Disinfection
Packaging available: 1L 5L

Product description



Preparation for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and tools

Ready-to-use or in the form of a concentrate , alcohol-free preparation for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and tools. It can be used for direct and immersion disinfection. The product has bactericidal, yeasticidal and virucidal properties (including enveloped and non-enveloped viruses) in the medical and general areas, hairdressing salons, beauty salons, massage parlors and other places where disinfection is needed.

Technical data

  • Choice of: Ready-to-use product or concentrate
  • It has a permit from the Minister of Health to trade in a biocidal product

Perfect for disinfecting rooms particularly exposed to increased traffic in health care facilities.