Clinex Dispersion Hard

KTM: 77-671

Clinex Dispersion Hard

Polymer dispersion for protecting floors - super hard, shiny
Main properties:
  • Designed for places with high traffic
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Contains polyurethane
Protection of face surfaces, application of protective layers Protection of face surfaces, application of protective layers
Polishing Polishing
Packaging available: 1L 5L

Product description

Clinex Dispersion Hard – hard polymer dispersion

Clinex Dispersion Hard is an advanced preparation for floors based on acrylic and polyurethane polymers. Thanks to its polishing properties, it creates a durable coating. This hard polymer dispersion protects floors against dirt and scratches. This makes Dispression Hard an ideal solution for high traffic areas. Additionally, the preparation has anti-slip properties, which ensures the safety of users. It is also an excellent preparation for protecting floors .

Polymer dispersion for cleaning companies

For professional cleaning companies, Clinex Dispersion Hard is a reliable tool for keeping floors in perfect condition. The advanced formula not only protects surfaces against damage and dirt. It also provides a polishing effect that improves the aesthetics of the cleaned surfaces.