Cleanliness in the store – how to keep it clean?

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Whatever type of store it is, it requires maintaining the highest level of cleanliness. This can sometimes be quite a troublesome task, but the Sanepid guidelines and occupational health and safety requirements are clear and unforgiving. Cleanliness in the store is very important for several reasons. Moreover, the aesthetic appearance of the store's interior always has a positive impact on the customer's well-being. Maintaining cleanliness in a store may not be a difficult task, but it requires reliability and careful use of specific cleaning products. You cannot bring washing and cleaning liquids from your home. Surfaces in the store require appropriate preparations. Therefore, the means for washing and keeping the store clean must come from professional product lines.

How to keep the store clean?

Maintaining cleanliness in the store requires regular use of products intended for various types of surfaces. So everything has to be perfect when it comes to maintaining hygiene at the highest level.

Therefore, the basic assortment when it comes to keeping the store clean are:

Running a store involves fulfilling many responsibilities. They result mainly from the top-down principles of occupational hygiene and, consequently, also from occupational safety. This is also related to broadly understood store advertising. Cleanliness in the store will certainly be appreciated by customers and they will be more likely to return to such a store.

Store cleaning – what products should I use?

Maintaining cleanliness in a store requires using specific products for their intended purpose. If we use the dedicated Clinex Nano Protect Floral preparation to keep our floors clean, we can be sure that the floor will be clean and shiny for a long time. It is a liquid that does not foam excessively and removes all dirt from the floor, because its consistency and production technology make it difficult for dirt to adhere to the cleaned surface. After using this liquid, the surface becomes clean, streak-free, and there is a pleasant aroma in the air. Therefore, the liquid is suitable for waterproof floors, floor tiles, laminated and PVC panels.

If you want to clean other types of waterproof and washable surfaces, you can use a quick-acting alcohol-based product. The advantages of the Clinex Blink product are that it effectively and quickly cleans surfaces without leaving streaks and evaporates quickly.

When it comes to shop furniture made of stainless steel, the most suitable preparation is Clinex Steel , which has excellent cleaning and degreasing properties, leaving no streaks or stains on the stainless steel.

While maintaining impeccable cleanliness in the store, you cannot forget about the bathroom. It must be a model of cleanliness and high-quality hygiene. Such a room should have a liquid soap dispenser, e.g. Clinex Liquid Soap . It is a soap that will not only take care of hygiene, but also moisturize your hands. In shop bathrooms, the walls are usually at least partially covered with tiles. We often find places that are difficult to access, which allows bacteria to multiply. For this purpose it is reasonable to use Clinex W3 Multi . It is a liquid for hygiene and cleaning bathrooms that penetrates hard-to-reach places and perfectly cleans even the most contaminated grout.

At the end of cleaning the store, you must not forget to freshen the air. It is worth using air fresheners, such as Clinex Scent Alpejska Łąka , which will give the air a pleasant, fresh scent.

Regular cleaning of the store

Maintaining and cleaning your store is a task that must be done every day because it cannot be neglected. Store cleaning is a necessity, which results in satisfied customers and increased interest. Cleanliness in the store is very important because it helps maintain workplace hygiene and ensures customer safety. It’s simply more pleasant to shop in a well-kept and tidy store. Therefore, you should not ignore this obligation and perform thorough cleaning regularly.

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