How to keep professional refrigeration equipment clean and maintained?

Cleaning refrigeration equipment is a very demanding challenge that must be coped with by a professional cleaning company. Refrigeration devices are not like any other. Their role is to maintain a low temperature, which is most often used in the refrigeration of food products. But not only. Refrigeration devices can be found in air conditioning systems of offices, warehouses and private apartments. Either way, the cleaning company is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and proper maintenance of refrigeration equipment. This is only possible with the use of professional cleaning products intended for this purpose.

Professional cleaning of refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration devices are present in almost every home today, and certainly in the food industry. Keeping them clean, however, is slightly different, due to their intended purpose. Home or office refrigeration equipment, which is the main part of the air conditioning system, is easy to clean and maintain. For this purpose, in most cases it is enough to clean them from dust and disinfect them with Clinex Nano Protect Nice . It will remove fungi and bacteria that multiply in the operating air conditioning.

Cleaning and maintenance are based on activities such as:

In fact, this last procedure is one of the main and most important activities of a cleaning company. Cleaning the device from dust, removing any foreign bodies and disinfecting the surface are key elements.

What do refrigeration devices contain?

Air conditioning devices work by cooling the air inside the room. In extremely simple language, air conditioning refrigeration units work by cooling the air inside a room and using a fan to distribute it to the room. During this process, temperature differences are created, which become an excellent environment for the development of fungi and attract bacteria and viruses.

Refrigeration equipment in industrial refrigerators, stationary and car refrigerators is no better. This is where the refrigeration device and its interior must be thoroughly prepared before and after each use. Clinex DEZOFast is perfect for this purpose. It is a product that washes and disinfects washable surfaces inside cold stores, refrigerators, etc. It has bactericidal and fungicidal properties and destroys all other microbes. These microorganisms could harm stored food. The product is available in ready-to-use form and in the form of a concentrate.

Cleaning the interior of cold stores – how to clean refrigeration equipment?

Large surfaces, especially those in direct contact with food, must be thoroughly washed and disinfected. Surfaces that have already been used for such purposes certainly bear traces of this. These traces are not just ordinary dirt, but fats or other substances that have escaped from these products. You should know that the remains of these substances, mainly fats, are an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Therefore, when keeping the interior of a cold store clean, the preparations must be ruthless against fat.

Professionals use Clinex 4Dirt Foam and Clinex DEZOFast to remove them. It emulsifies fats present on the surface, traps them and dissolves them. Deals with grease stains, burnt grease and other organic contaminants. It is completely neutral and safe in contact with food. When the interior surfaces of the cold storage room are properly cleaned, you can use an agent to disinfect them. The previously mentioned Clinex DEZOFast, recommended for professionals, will work here, as it will thoroughly wash degreased surfaces and disinfect them.

The refrigeration system located in car or catering refrigerators also requires cleaning and disinfection. Clinex Nano Protect Nice is the optimal solution in this case. As a refrigeration device experiences variable temperatures, bacteria and fungi accumulate on it, this product effectively removes them.

How important is refrigeration maintenance?

All refrigeration devices require careful maintenance from their users. It ensures trouble-free operation in every situation, because devices working with food products have even greater requirements. Therefore, the standards for cleaning, disinfection and maintenance are set very high. A good cleaning company must therefore use agents that will completely protect the cleaning products. Professionals know how to clean refrigeration equipment and how to ensure proper freshness and durability of food products. The use of Clinex products and compliance with maintenance and disinfection procedures guarantee the safe use of refrigeration equipment. They also apply to private air conditioning to an equal extent. The human body reacts badly to the presence of bacteria and fungi in the air because they can have a destructive effect on it. Therefore, proper cleaning of the air conditioning by the company has a positive impact on our well-being and health.

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