Professional cleaning of the staircase – how to do it most effectively?

A staircase affects the image of not only a residential block, but also the building of any enterprise. This room is often the first one a client or guest will see. However, aesthetics are not everything! Cages are included in evacuation plans for obvious reasons, and therefore they must be an orderly and completely safe place. From this article you will learn how to effectively keep them clean!

First: safety!

In a crisis situation, firefighters, policemen and paramedics will pass through the staircase to provide the required assistance to residents or employees as quickly as possible. During a fire outbreak, it is also recommended to use only the stairs – the flames may damage the elevators and cause an even bigger accident. As you can see, getting through the staircases efficiently and quickly can even save your life!

The staircase area should be arranged wisely – so as to enable effective movement, especially in the event of any breakdown and the need to quickly leave the building. Unnecessary items and equipment, left cardboard boxes or too slippery floors may pose a real threat. Therefore, cleaning the staircase is a responsible and not at all easy task!

Cleaning the staircase – where to start?

Most often, the scope of staircase cleaning services includes washing walls, windows, window sills, doors, accessories, cleaning stairs and floors, and cleaning common area equipment. Before starting the service, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the fire safety regulations and the regulations of the cooperative, housing community or, in general, the regulations regarding the use of the building.

After familiarizing yourself with the client’s guidelines and the most important rules applicable in a given building, it is worth preparing appropriate equipment and cleaning products. Once the equipment is in the staircase , let’s start working by removing potted plants, doormats and other “obstacles”.

Vacuuming and wet cleaning

Thorough vacuuming is the basic stage of cleaning the staircase . We can use various types of vacuum cleaners for this purpose. The most convenient to use are cordless vertical vacuum cleaners , allowing you to reach all corners and nooks. After all, the staircase is a very narrow space that requires precise removal of all dust.

The next step should be wet cleaning . The best way to do it is with a scrubber dryer. P rofessional single-disc scrubber dryers are designed for cleaning and maintaining floors. Some appliances also allow you to wash carpets.

How to clean balustrades and handrails?

To ensure the cleanliness of the staircase, we must not forget about the care of stainless steel elements. To clean balustrades and handrails, use soft cloths, preferably those made of microfiber. It is very important not to scratch the smooth surface, which is supposed to remain representative of the entire circulation route in the building.

Additionally, it is worth equipping yourself with a professional cleaning agent , such as Clinex Shine Steel – a cleaning and polishing preparation for stainless steel. This preparation is easy to spread and has a very short evaporation time from the cleaned surface. Moreover, it does not leave scratches or streaks, unifies the appearance of stainless steel, preserves the surface and protects it against re-soiling. Thanks to such cleaning, we will provide the balustrade with a delicate shine.

Practical tips. How to clean terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a durable material used, among others, for pouring stairs. When caring for steps, we start by removing dirt – it is best to do this with a vacuum cleaner. Wet cleaning should be carried out quickly because water soaking into the terrazzo has a negative effect on the quality of this material. For heavily dirty stairs, you can use a special preparation – Clinex Lastrico . Thanks to the solution – water + cleaning agent, we will get rid of even the most stubborn stains. Special polishing pastes or emulsions are recommended for final care and protection of the stair surface.

Specifics of cleaning windows in staircases

Staircases often have high windows that are difficult to get to, let alone clean thoroughly. Therefore, it is worth purchasing a ladder and an efficient product that will ensure long-lasting results. An example is Clinex Nano Protect Glass, a nano-preparation for cleaning glass surfaces, which, thanks to its formula, allows you to leave windows clean and streak-free for a long time.

Don’t forget about disinfection!

Elements of the staircase may be touched by up to several dozen people a day! That is why it is so important to use preparations that have bactericidal, yeasticidal and virucidal properties. An example is a very efficient liquid from the Clinex brand – DEZOFast , the effectiveness of which was confirmed by comparative tests carried out by the University of Silesia in Katowice.

We disinfect primarily door handles, but also stair railings – after all, this is where most of the contaminants invisible to the human eye accumulate.

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