Clinex Lastrico

KTM: 77-153

Clinex Lastrico

Terrazzo cleaning liquid
Main properties:
  • Effectiveness
  • Versatility
  • Strong effect
Floor cleaning Floor cleaning
Hand washing of floors Hand washing of floors
Packaging available: 1L 5L
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Product description

Clinex Lastrico – expert in cleaning terrazzo and concrete floors

Clinex Lastrico is a professional terrazzo fluid and other concrete floors. We created it especially for effective removal of the most difficult dirt. It has an advanced formula that allows for effective cleaning of stone and concrete surfaces, ceramics from cement and plaster stains and tombstones, providing them with a renewed appearance and long-lasting protection.

Professional terrazzo cleaning liquid

Cleaning surfaces such as terrazzo requires professional cleaning products. Clinex Lastrico is terrazzo cleaning liquid appreciated by cleaning companies! Its specialized formula, designed to deal with the most difficult dirt, such as traces of cement, plaster or rust, makes it indispensable in every facility that cares about the impeccable appearance of its floors. Thanks to Clinex Lastrico, cleaning professionals can quickly restore floors to their original shine, increasing the aesthetics and value of each facility. Our preparation will also be useful during cleaning the staircase .

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