Water stone on the walls of the shower cabin

The shower cabin is a place where each of us wants to freshen up or take a hot shower. We like it when it is clean and we can feel comfortable in it, and the glass walls are sparkling clean. However, we do not always have enough patience to achieve such an effect. The shower cabin requires systematic and careful cleaning, otherwise its walls will quickly become covered with unsightly-looking and difficult to remove water scale deposits.

Water scale is the enemy of shower walls

After each bath, drops of water remain on the walls of the shower cabin, which are especially dangerous when the water is hard. The drops dry and form water scale, which builds up quickly and becomes difficult to remove. As a result, the shower cabin loses its visual value, which has a negative impact on the entire bathroom. Every time someone in the cabin takes a shower, an increasing layer of residue will form on the walls of the cabin. If it remains for a long time, removing it may turn out to be an extremely serious problem. Unfortunately, most products intended for cleaning shower walls are unable to remove accumulated scale.

What is water stone?

Water scale is a deposit of calcium and magnesium carbonate formed as a result of the thermal decomposition of compounds found in water. Water contains various mineral compounds that settle on the surface. All this leads to the formation of stone. To remove water scale, agents with a very low pH, i.e. containing acids, are used. A chemical reaction occurs between the acids and the water scale. In this way, water-insoluble carbonates are dissolved by acids. However, you must be careful when using such preparations, as not all surfaces are resistant to acidic environments. The washed surface may become dull, so you should always test the effectiveness of the cleaning product on a small surface in an inconspicuous place.

How to prepare for removing water scale from the cabin walls?

Before cleaning the walls of the shower cabin, you should purchase a preparation that will be suitable for this purpose and carefully read the information on how to use it provided by the manufacturer on the label. In sporadic cases, full instructions for use are added to preparations of this type. However, in the vast majority of cases, it is a marketing trick that is intended to make the product look more professional than it actually is. On the other hand, the more precisely the manufacturer explains the method of use and operation of its product, the greater the chance that the user will use it correctly and thus have a chance to obtain a satisfactory effect.

Cleaning the shower cabin with Clinex
(photo: Clinex)

The second issue worth elaborating on is that shower cabins, including their walls, are made of different materials, i.e. different types of glass. This means that not every preparation dedicated to the cabin walls will guarantee effectiveness. On the contrary! It may turn out that using it will do more harm than good. Although there is a high probability that the preparation will remove scale from the walls, a side effect will be their gradual matting, which may result in their colors no longer matching the colors of the tiles and devices in the bathroom.

Limescale in the shower cabin – how to remove accumulated sediment?

A neglected shower cabin is very unsightly. Unfortunately, many regions of Poland have extremely hard water, which leads to such problems. If we have to deal with accumulated sediment, it is worth purchasing a strong preparation. Cleaning the shower cabin from sediment will require patience. When choosing a preparation, it is worth choosing a professional agent for removing scale from the shower cabin . The Clinex brand offers several noteworthy products that will make removing scale from the shower cabin easier and more pleasant. A good quality agent will allow you to effortlessly remove even accumulated sediment. Just spray it on dirty surfaces and let it work. After the time indicated by the manufacturer, the preparation should be rinsed off. The agent will deal with the scale itself, which will be removed along with the remaining product.

How to remove limescale from a shower?

Now that you know how to remove limescale from the shower glass , it’s time to take care of the shower head and rain shower. Cleaning the shower cabin from sediment is one thing, but you cannot forget about the faucet. Using a dirty handset is not only uncomfortable (lower water pressure), but also dangerous. Sediment is a breeding ground for bacteria, so it is worth cleaning the bathroom faucet regularly to prevent it from forming.

How to clean scale from a shower ? With Clinex preparations, this task is easier than you think! Just spray the showerhead or shower head generously with the preparation, it can be a shower cabin cleaner with a coating . After waiting the time indicated on the bottle, simply rinse it off with clean water. The active ingredients of the preparation penetrate deeply into the eyelets of the showerhead, unclog the channels and the shower will regain its former pressure.

Choose professional cleaning products

To care for a shower cabin, it is worth using products intended specifically for this purpose. By using appropriate cleaning agents intended for the care of shower cabins, we will ensure that our cabin is always clean and shiny. Too strong preparations may damage delicate glass, and too weak ones will not remove scale and other contaminants. That is why it is so important to carefully select the preparations. This brings many benefits.

First of all, it should be mentioned that they will not damage the glass surface. Thanks to this, walls made of it will retain their aesthetic appearance for a long time, which will directly translate into the overall effect of a well-kept bathroom. Then, micro-scratches caused during cleaning will not appear on the glass. This is extremely important because they significantly reduce the transparency of the glass. Moreover, scratches are nothing more than grooves, which are an ideal place for accommodating scale and microorganisms. Therefore, the fewer such “hot spots” appear on the walls of the shower cabin, the easier they will be to clean thoroughly.

A product for daily care and for heavier dirt

Of course, dirt is a relative concept and it is difficult to professionally grade it in this case. These levels are usually determined by a brief inspection of the overall condition of the cabin. However, those dirt that we consider stronger can be removed using Clinex W3Multi concentrate , which will cope with accumulated dirt. It is definitely worth having such a preparation in your bathroom. However, for daily care, Clinex W3 Active Shield will be perfect, as it is very effective and safe for the cleaned surface. It deserves special attention because it contains polymers and has hydrophilic properties, unlike most security products that have hydrophobic properties. This is its main advantage that distinguishes it from other products of this type.

Shower cabin walls and product performance

Products with hydrophobic properties cause the surface covered with them to repel water. This is due to the appropriate water contact angle. The water contact angle is the angle formed by the wetted surface and the plane tangent to the liquid surface. The greater the wetting angle, the more strongly a given surface repels water, which in turn creates drops on the surface, which, when drying, leave unsightly traces. In the case of the hydrophilic effect, the contact angle is small, thanks to which water spreads on the surface. Hydrophilic coatings work by uniformly distributing water molecules. As water molecules flow, they combine with each other and create a layer that quickly flows off and evaporates, leaving no streaks. Clinex W3 Active Shield also makes the cleaned surface shiny. The re-deposition of dirt is delayed, and the subsequent washing process is easier because the polymers contained in it fill the micro-scratches.

Cleaning the bathroom
(photo: Clinex)

Clinex W3 Active Shield – cleans, polishes and protects

Therefore, focusing on cleaning the walls of the shower cabin, it can be concluded that Clinex W3 Active Shield is a multifunctional preparation because:
– thoroughly cleans wall surfaces and does not leave streaks or any other traces.
– gives the cabin glass a shiny effect. This, of course, speaks well of the hosts or hotel owners, because many people believe that a well-kept bathroom is a guarantee that all other rooms, such as the kitchen, are also impeccably clean.
– allows you to save time, energy and money because it effectively slows down the process of new dirt formation.
– the preparation penetrates deeply into existing micro-scratches, making subsequent washing of the cabin walls much faster and easier. As a result, achieving an optimal visual effect is just a formality.

Rinsing off the preparation
(photo: Clinex)

To always enjoy a beautiful and clean shower cabin, use appropriate cleaning and care products. Such products are safe for the cleaned surface and at the same time effectively remove scale, soap scum and other contaminants.


Clean walls of the shower cabin have a positive impact on comfort when using it.
Removing stone from cabin walls is difficult and time-consuming.
Bringing dirty walls to optimal cleanliness requires the use of professional chemicals.
The walls of the cabin should be washed regularly to maintain a satisfactory visual effect for a long time.
Hard water has the most negative impact on shower walls.
The drops dry on the walls and as a result, water scale appears on them.
Water scale may build up on the cabin walls.
Water scale can be removed with agents containing low pH compounds.
Before using such products, carefully read the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Not every surface should be cleaned with products with a low pH, as this may cause it to become dull.
Not every preparation for cleaning shower walls is effective.
Before cleaning the cabin walls, you should consider what preparation to use to remove dirt without damaging the cabin.
A well-selected preparation will not cause micro-scratches on the cabin walls.
The lack of micro-scratches translates into greater transparency of the glass.
Clinex W3Multi concentrate is recommended to remove heavy dirt.
For regular cleaning, Clinex W3 Active Shield is an ideal agent because it cleans the cabin walls, polishes them, eliminates the process of scaling and protects the wall surfaces.

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