Clinex Nano Protect Floral

KTM: 77-333

Clinex Nano Protect Floral

Nanopreparation for cleaning floors
Main properties:
  • Low-Level Character
  • Surface Protection
  • Fast Evaporation
  • Aesthetics and Fragrance
Does not contain allergens Does not contain allergens
Hand washing of floors Hand washing of floors
Machine washing Machine washing
Packaging available: 1L 5L
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Product description

Clinex Nano Protect Floral – professional nano-preparation for cleaning floors

Clinex Nano Protect Floral is a nano-preparation for cleaning floors , created for effective cleaning and care of various waterproof floors. What distinguishes it is its unique formula with silicon nanoparticles. Thanks to this, it not only protects the cleaned surfaces against re-deposition of dirt, but also facilitates the subsequent washing process.

Fast evaporation and polymers

Nano Protect Floral is a liquid for cleaning waterproof floors that evaporates quickly. Additionally, it leaves no streaks or stains. To all these advantages, you can add a delicate shine and deepening the natural color of the floors! Additionally, the preparation contains polymers. Thanks to them, the floor will be protected!

Clinex Nano Protect Floral for professional cleaning

Thanks to its versatility and efficiency , Nano Protect Floral is especially recommended to professionals who maintain cleanliness in commercial, office and institutional facilities. The product is ideal for daily floor care, ensuring not only cleanliness and hygiene, but also the aesthetic appearance of the surface. Our liquid for waterproof floors is perfect for washing panels !

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