Clinex M9 Strong

KTM: 77-385

Clinex M9 Strong

Liquid for thorough cleaning of floors
Main properties:
  • Effectiveness
  • Versatility
  • Comfort of use
Hand washing of floors Hand washing of floors
Machine washing Machine washing
Packaging available: 1L 5L 10L
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Product description

Clinex M9 Strong: expert in thorough cleaning of floors

Clinex M9 Strong is a professional liquid for thorough cleaning of floors, designed to effectively remove even the most difficult dirt. The highly alkaline, concentrated formula copes with intense pollution that may occur in workshops, factory halls and other industrial facilities.

Thanks to its low-foaming and odorless properties, M9 Strong is ideal for both hand and machine washing, creating a delicate but effective protective coating that prevents dirt from re-depositioning.

A revolution in cleaning for professionals

Our liquid for thorough cleaning of floors offers unrivaled performance. Its concentrated, highly alkaline formula is perfect for thorough cleaning of floors, ensuring deep cleaning without compromise. It is friendly to a variety of alkali-resistant surfaces. M9 Strong enables cleaning companies to raise cleanliness standards, offering customers not only pristine floors, but also long-term protection against re-soiling. It will work perfectly in cleaning floors in large-scale facilities !

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