3 areas in the workplace that require thorough cleaning

Some areas in different types of facilities will require more attention than others when performing a professional cleaning service. It is important to know which workplaces require thorough cleaning and special attention from a cleaning service. What areas require deep cleaning? We give you a hint!

Places with high touch intensity

Cleaning the countertop

Many areas in the workplace or buildings are exposed to high touch activity. Invisible germs and bacteria accumulate in frequently touched places. Frequently touched areas should be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly and frequently. Where is deep cleaning required? Such places include primarily electricity switches, desks, computer keyboards, and chairs and tables in waiting rooms.

Cleaning of office spaces

Clinex DEZOTable - product photo

First, we must remove visible dirt, depending on the surface being cleaned. Clinex Table will thoroughly clean tables and desks. Clinex FastPlast will remove dirt from plastic surfaces. Then we can proceed to disinfecting the most touchable places using Clinex DEZOFast . Its effectiveness has been confirmed by comparative studies carried out by the University of Silesia in Katowice. Surface disinfection with regular use of Clinex DEZOFast will bring surprisingly good results. The product often has better disinfecting properties than a surface disinfectant with alcohol.

Toilets and sanitary facilities

Cleaning the toilet bowl

Another area that requires regular cleaning are toilets and sanitary facilities. Why is cleaning toilets and sanitary facilities so important? These places provide an ideal environment for the development of moisture, bacteria and germs that may pose a health hazard. The above surfaces require regular and thorough cleaning.

Toilet cleaning preparations

Clinex W3 Sanit

For everyday cleaning of toilets and sanitary facilities, we recommend Clinex W3 Sanit . Perfectly removes dirt such as deposits and soap residues. It creates a protective layer on the cleaned surface that prevents dirt from accumulating. We should also perform thorough cleaning of sanitary facilities periodically to remove accumulated dirt. Clinex W3 Forte is an acidic preparation for thorough cleaning of stubborn dirt in sanitary facilities and bathrooms. Can be used on all acid-resistant materials and surfaces. It effectively copes with tasks such as removing rust , water scale, lime deposits and soap residues. It is a liquid for cleaning toilet bowls , urinals, bidets and washbasins. Eliminates unpleasant urine odors. We write more in the article about cleaning and maintaining toilets in public places .

High traffic areas

Cleaning the corridor

Places where a lot of people stay should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. For this reason, it is so important to clean corridors where a large number of people move during the day, waiting rooms, entrance halls and reception areas. In this case, dirt will be applied mainly from the outside. When cleaning high-traffic areas, we must thoroughly sweep or vacuum, and only then move on to removing dirt using professional cleaning chemicals.

How to wash high traffic areas?

Clinex Floral Citro

The cleaning process starts from top to bottom. This is important. What products to use? We select products depending on the surface to be cleaned to avoid damage to the material. Preparations from the Clinex Floral series will ensure everyday cleanliness and an extremely pleasant scent. If the dirt is unusual and difficult to remove because it has penetrated the structure of the floor (tiles), we encourage you to use Clinex M9 Strong . The product quickly dissolves accumulated impurities. Additionally, it penetrates deep into the pores, removing accumulated dirt, which allows for thorough cleaning of the floor .

Cleaning is a very important activity. Especially in the workplace. So it’s worth knowing that there are 3 areas that require thorough cleaning. Therefore, it is not worth forgetting about them.

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