Useful cleaning equipment and accessories

Wherever proper cleanliness must be ensured, cleaning equipment is needed. This applies to both cleaning companies and buildings where cleaning is carried out by a designated team of employees. The cleaning kit should include appropriate equipment, accessories and chemicals. Depending on the place where it will be used, we choose traditional mops or mechanical scrubbers. Professional cleaning products will also be needed in large areas, in industry, catering and offices.

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What are we cleaning?

We choose the items needed for cleaning taking into account the place where they will be used. If you manage a cleaning company, you focus on providing services in private homes, offices and shops, or in industrial plants and restaurants. We choose equipment for cleaning small and large surfaces differently, because when completing a set for cleaning an office or shop, we usually choose traditional accessories and equipment. We give up on large self-propelled machines. Therefore, the first criterion for selecting equipment is the location and size of the surface.

Professional cleaning products

For home cleaning, we use products generally available in stores. Their composition and formula are adapted to cleaning surfaces in private buildings. The dirt there is much less than in large industrial plants, workshops, production halls and catering establishments. A professional cleaning kit should contain strong surface cleaning agents. A preparation for cleaning waterproof floors, such as Clinex 4Hall , will be useful. It removes the most stubborn dirt because it is versatile – for manual and mechanical cleaning.

How to choose the right cleaning products?

Universal cleaning products are useful in every cleaning company, office, shop and restaurant. Clinex 4Hall can be used to clean stoneware, concrete, terrazzo, epoxy resin, PVC, linoleum and rubber floors. We clean all surfaces with one agent. It not only cleans, but also creates a polymer coating that protects against further contamination. Every industrial and catering company must also have a product for cleaning sanitary equipment. We recommend Clinex W3 Multi intended for daily care. Its unique formula allows it to effectively penetrate hard-to-reach places. Cleans grout very well.

Basic cleaning accessories

A mandatory cleaning kit usually includes accessories and equipment that we use at home. Sanitary rooms must include gloves, sponges and cloths, a mop with a bucket, a cloth for cleaning the floor, a broom and a dustpan, a plastic bowl and a bucket, a universal brush and garbage bags. Bathrooms must have a toilet brush. In addition, consumable cleaning accessories, such as paper towels, will be useful. However, when cleaning large warehouse, industrial and catering areas, this is insufficient cleaning equipment.

Cleaning trolleys for more convenient work

These are cleaning accessories that make cleaning larger surfaces much easier. They are intended for transporting cleaning equipment and cleaning products. It must have a strong and stable structure and swivel wheels, thanks to which it will be possible to reach hard-to-reach places. Modern cleaning trolleys are additionally equipped with protective trolleys. They are used to protect waste against moisture. Thanks to this, the unpleasant smell does not spread throughout all rooms.

Professional cleaning equipment

Cleaning companies equip themselves with cleaning equipment thanks to which the work is performed mechanically. The most popular are cleaning machines with brushes, a motor and containers for cleaning agents. They can be equipped with additional accessories, such as various types of brushes and pads. If you have professional cleaning equipment, you need to choose the right cleaning products. They must be suitable for mechanical cleaning. These include Clinex 4Hall. Other professional cleaning equipment includes scrubbers, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, steamers and sweepers.

Universal cleaning accessories – the basis of every set

In the case of cleaning products, those intended for cleaning various surfaces result in large savings. By choosing such a product, we can wash all surfaces in the building with it, because Clinex 4Hall will clean, among others: stoneware, concrete, PVC, rubber and linoleum. When choosing cleaning equipment, the most practical will be a multifunctional device, as they include wet and dry vacuum cleaners and cleaning machines with replaceable brushes and pads.

Home cleaning accessories are not enough

It is important to distinguish professional cleaning equipment and cleaning products from those intended for home use. Warehouses, production halls, restaurants and hotels must meet certain cleanliness standards. In addition, they have a larger surface area and difficult dirt appears much more often. This requires the use of specialized machines, modern accessories and cleaning products with a concentrated formula. A professional cleaning set is therefore more efficient and ensures high comfort of work.


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