Clinex Multi Clean


Clinex Multi Clean

Universal agent for cleaning waterproof surfaces
Main properties:
  • Multifunctional use
  • Efficient concentrate
  • Provides clean, streak-free surfaces

Product description

Clinex Multi Clean – Universal Liquid for Cleaning Washable Surfaces

Clinex Multi Clean is a concentrated, universal liquid for cleaning washable, water-resistant surfaces . The product formula has been enriched with polymers that prevent dirt from accumulating, which significantly facilitates subsequent washing.

Thanks to the content of wetting agents, the liquid effectively penetrates the dirt, enabling its quick and effective removal. Antistatic ingredients contained in the preparation prevent dust from accumulating during regular use. The product ensures perfectly clean surfaces without streaks, deposits and stains, leaving a pleasant scent in the rooms.

Universal preparation for cleaning companies:

Multi Clean is a reliable tool for professional cleaning companies that need an effective and versatile preparation for everyday cleaning. The concentrated formula guarantees effective removal of dust and dirt from various surfaces, such as floors, elevator railings and even windows, while ensuring their delicate shine. Another advantage of Multi Clean are polymers . Thanks to them, the surfaces are protected against dirt.

Concentrated preparation for cleaning washable surfaces for the HoReCa industry:

Cleaning kitchen countertops, tables, painted surfaces and stainless steel. Multi Clean can easily cope with these challenges. Its effectiveness in removing dirt and food remains, as well as in preventing dust accumulation, makes it irreplaceable in restaurants, hotels and cafes. Thanks to its pleasant smell, the liquid additionally influences the positive experience of guests and employees. Additionally, it is a concentrated preparation, which translates into savings.

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